Fast Overview (2min 30secs).

The Problem

We only have so much energy. How do you want to spend yours?

The Solution

Wouldn't you like to create better records faster than you do now?

My Response

I created a program

The goal here is to use less time and energy to create, access and use your records. That was my goal for myself and it really works!

Why use computer records? What's in it for you?

Am I making a good case for electronic records here? I want that extra time and energy for you.

What stands in your way?

Don't take my word for it. Checkout the demos, and see how they work for yourself.

Simple Configuration or More Complex

Solution to the problem

NOTE: A new version for the Mac OS has just been completed.  Click Here  to go to Clinical Record Keeper-Mac™

Charles M. Stewart, M.D. Blueberry Harbor Software, Inc.



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