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A clinical social worker wanted the simplest of programs. She didn't want to keep Statements of Account, keep a diary, or a journal, or make memos, or notes. She wasn't going to keep managed care outpatient treatment reports. It was for a fee for service practice. She wanted record keeping efficiency. I configured it for her in about 30" . Take a look:


What you are seeing are alphabet sub tabs for her clients, and two templates. An Intake template that holds contact information, etc. and a Superbill template. There is an address book for envelope creation or more if desired, a To Do list, a Reference sub tab where templates and other useful files are kept, and a Visit Record where weekly visit and receipt records are kept.

Susan wanted all the files for a client together in one place.


(Marcia Gray is a fictional character).

Susan didn't want a template for the clinical chart. You can see the start of a chart here.

So the flexibility of this program makes different configurations possible and easy. I give full directions on how to do it. I also have a number of configurations already created that are available at no extra charge. Let me know what you need and I probably have it in inventory.

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