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Created by Charles M. Stewart, MD
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Charles M. Stewart, MD

I got interested in computers about the time my filing cabinets filled up in 1990. I tried three of the large office management programs but found them awkward for the record keeping part of my practice. I went hunting for a solution. In short order I had reviewed an astounding number of programs most of which were geared to doctor's offices, and connectivity to hospitals. I boiled down their functions and found third party software to duplicate most of the functions.

As a practicing psychiatrist I need to have software that works and works well. Keeping ahead of managed care was fun. Getting efficient took some time. The many hundreds of users of my windows programs attest to their usefulness. The new Mac version promises to be even better.

I am so grateful for what the software has done for me and my practice that I wanted to share that with others.


Charles M. Stewart, M.D.

Blueberry Harbor Software, Inc.


Clinical Record Keeper™
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