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Created by Charles M. Stewart, MD
Clinical Record Keeper™



  • You need an efficient method to create, access and use your clinical files.
  • Handwriting at 20-24 words per minute just doesn't do it.
  • Paper charts are inefficient, often illegible, not portable, and bulky.
  • Typing and a well organized computer program requires less time and energy to create your records. (50 wpm average).
    • Typing can be learned and is a much more efficient method.
  • What would help you is a well thought out software program. Take a look at the method I use in my own office.
  • That is how we get to save the time and energy I have been talking about.
  • Clinical Record Keeper
    • CRK was designed by a clinician for clinicians.
    • (Actually I designed it for myself and later a colleague bribed me with money for a copy and I realized it might be helpful for other clinicians).
    • I looked at hundreds of very expensive programs and boiled their functions down to what I thought was needed.
    • CRK was designed for record keeping and record keeping only. (No compromises!)
    • It provides the benefits you need.
      • Fast record creation and access.
      • Easy to learn and use.
      • Comprehensive.
      • Numerous templates to speed data entry.
      • Versatile in how it can be configured from simple to complex.
    • Now 10 years old it continues to bring efficiency to clinical practice.
  • Please read on for more details.



Clinical Record File

  • Holds everything in one file. No searching.
    • Initial eval.
    • All Progress Notes.
    • Dates of service.
    • Authorization codes.
    • Next appointment date.
    • Reminders and Active Problem List.
  • Any clinical chart can be more or less involved. Your choice.
  • Use a template or not as you choose.

Click the link for a chart     Open Chart

This is the full monty; all the tabs and sub tabs. For a simpler version

Click Here

Progress Notes

  • Progress notes follow the initial evaluation, and are the backbone of documentation.
  • All notes are sequential in one scrolling file providing continuity in your understanding of what happened. No searching around!
  • Easy to create, easy to see and operate.
  • For more on progress notes  Click Here


Click on the link: Praise for CRK

Want to keep a Psychotherapy/Process Note File?

  • There are separate psychotherapy note files.
  • This meets the HIPAA requirement for the psychotherapy note exemption.
  • Review of your notes before the next session is quick and easy.
  • For more on psychotherapy notes Click Here


How about a Visit and Receipt Record?

  • Weekly Visit and Receipt Record holds visits, procedure codes and receipts.

    • Makes updating the Statement of Account (if you use it) fast and easy.
    • Great way to gather information for a billing assistant if you use one or your own billing process.
    • I combined 8 functions in one file! My best record yet!


  • CRK does not do accounting or print CMS 1500's. For an inexpensive program that does a great job of this, check out Ezclaim. Link to:  Ezclaim
  • CRK does have a manual Statement of Account. (ledger type).
    • If you have to do a statement, then use this one which is streamlined. Printed envelopes unneeded.

Every step in the process of chart creation has been analyzed for ways to make it easier and faster for you. (I spent an inordinate amount of time on this. I really wanted speed!). The goal is rapid record creation and access for me and you. I wanted some extra time and energy in my day!

Address Book

  • Integrated with the envelope and fax functions.
  • Envelopes in 10 seconds?
  • Faxes in 5 seconds?
  • That's efficiency!

Want to schedule someone?

  • Free scheduling calendars can be toggled with CRK for appointment scheduling.

Need to keep Managed Care Outpatient Treatment Requests?

  • Keep an individual OTR for any specific client.
  • Edit it for future authorization requests saving you time and effort.
  • Accepted by managed care companies even if you are a network provider! (Two templates included to get you started).


Want to use a Treatment Plan?

  • For those who use treatment plans, use a template to create an individual treatment plan.
  • You determine what goals, what interventions you want to put in. I recommend Jongsma's book.
  • Save it and edit it for resubmission as needed. A great time saver!

Click on the link:   Praise for CRK

Need lots of templates?

Letterhead Stationary, Envelope Templates, Fax Sheets, Release of Information, Client Information Sheets, Outlines, Super bill, Receipt for Payment, Practice Policies, HIPAA Access Log, Statement of Account

  • Kept as templates they can be used over and over, saving you much time in the administrative work of your practice.
  • You can edit my templates or create your own. No need for a programmer!
  • I may repeat myself but time saved on each of these steps adds up to efficiency and more energy for you at the end of the day.
  • I hate to waste time.

Want to keep track of everything?

  • Grouped To Do List.
  • Great time saver. No more scraps of paper!

Be good to yourself. Use a program that will provide a quantum leap forward in note taking efficiency for you. Then have more free time and energy. (Guess how I found out about that!)

Protected by Password

Had enough or do you want more details?


Make Backup Easy

  • Fast backup to USB drives, CD's or Zip drives. (120 seconds start to finish.)
  • Your computer records are actually safer than paper records. Click on the link    Safety


Have lots of old patients?

  • An inactive file database is included with the program. It is convenient to hold charts you need to keep for legal reasons.
  • Move them back to active if a patient returns.

Simplification and Flexibility

  • Susan, a clinical social worker, wanted the simplest of programs for her fee for service practice.
  • To see her configuration  Click Here
    • Hide or delete tabs to show an ultra simple graphic look.
    • Delete the functions you don't need.
    • Hide tabs for simplicity.
    • All hidden tabs available with a click.
    • Get the system you want for how you work.
    • I give directions on how to do all this.
  • Custom configurations available at no extra charge.
  • Power users are also welcome. Key commands, an abbreviation utility, multiple templates, multiple databases. Holy mackerel! You won't believe what is in this program!


  • CRK is ideal for keeping records on laptop computers.
  • Complete records can be taken from one location to another.
    • Do your work at a time and place of your choosing.
    • This one feature is a God send. Many clinicians wish they had their records at home. This feature makes that possible.
    • I couldn't do med management easily or write letters or reports without having my records with me on the weekends and at other odd moments. Don't think I don't have fun too!
  • Any file can be faxed from within the program if you have a fax modem and software. OTR's from home anyone?
  • If you ever needed an excuse to buy a good laptop, this is it!*

* (New laptop + CRK = $4 a day for 10 months minus any tax deduction.

Medical Version

  • The medical version (3.6) keeps prescription information, current medications, pharmacy information, medication changes, and labs in a compact format). I use it all day long. It also makes computer generated prescriptions easy. Click on the link "Computer Prescriptions".  Computer Prescriptions 


Want to print something?

  • Any file in the program can be printed or faxed.
  • Click on the link for a look at what I have put in this program:     File List
  • Print out your entire address book with phone numbers for home and office.


Want to Dictate?

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (obtained separately) can be used with CRK to dictate into it at a high rate of speed. Voice recognition software has come a long way in the past few years.
  • Dragon is a helpful option for reports, letters, or writing.
  • Click on the link   Dictation
  • Dictate at 100 words per minute.
  • This is a fantastic time saver for high volume work. I use it daily.
  • You need to start thinking about how you are going to use that extra time and energy you have when your records get done faster and easier using this program!


Want your patients to relax?

  • Surprisingly, patients don't mind that you use a computer.
  • Use it during or after the session to quickly document what you need to.
  • They adjust to it quickly. Contact me for more information.

Don't want a big learning curve?

  • In order to be proficient with any program you have to know how to use it.
  • My complete training directions take the pain out of learning. A Windows Media movie of screen shots shows you how to do things efficiently. Lots of direction files.
  • I have spared no effort to get you up and running quickly.

Are you getting the feeling that I am passionate about this software program? I am, even after 10 years. I wanted time and energy for myself and I got it. Now I want it for you!


Comparison with other software

  • CRK can be adapted to anyone's practice.

    • The entire range from a simple program up to the full monty with key commands, abbreviation utility, Reminders, Active Problem list, is there.
    • I give complete directions and you can configure the program to meet your needs.
    • Large office management programs simply have no flexibility in how they are organized.
  • Navigation is fast.
  • File management is easy.
  • Template use adds greatly to your work if you want to use them.
  • Adjustable fonts and screens means you can really see your files.
  • The Reminder section and an Active Problem List rides with your progress notes.
    • Very uncommon in software of modest cost.
  • CRK deals with all your correspondence, faxes, print outs, envelopes, and Super bills, not just clinical records.
  • The big office management programs are no match for this super efficient, easy-to-use, flexible record keeper.

My Practice

  • I use this software in my own very busy outpatient psychiatric practice and have for 10 years. If I needed a function, I simply created it. I do not have a secretary. The program handles all my record keeping and office management needs. I go home with more time and energy and in good spirits. I want that for you too!

The Shape of Things to Come

In a few short years, paperwork will be greatly diminished and most record-keeping will be done electronically. In the meantime those who look for efficiency are already searching for better solutions.

  • You are in business.
  • You must get efficient.
  • Pare record keeping down to a minimum.
  • Get good tools to help you.
  • Then enjoy some extra time and energy.

Clinical Record Keeper™ is an intuitive design that's is easy to use, and fast to operate. It takes the stress out of record keeping.

The benefits are tremendous.

Go home at the end of the day with your records done, and some energy left over for the rest of your life. There is that time and energy I have been talking about!

  • For a demo, specify CRK 3.5 or 3.6 and Click Here


  • Get the right version for you.
  • Version 3.5 for psychologists, social workers and counselors ($180).
  • Version 3.6 for psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and clinical specialists or those who follow medications ($200).

     To buy CRK remember your version and      Click Here

Charles M. Stewart, M.D.

Blueberry Harbor Software, Inc.


Clinical Record Keeper™
All rights reserved. Copyright 2008 Charles M. Stewart