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Created by Charles M. Stewart, MD

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Print this page out and fax it to me at my secure fax:  (207) 798-5651


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Standard= $180

Medical =  $200

Both programs come on CD, with a WMV slide show of efficient practices and recent updates.

You can pay by Check: Cashier's checks, Personal checks, or Money Orders accepted. Please make the check out to Blueberry Harbor Software, Inc. and mail to 9 Gilman Avenue, Brunswick, Maine 04011 USA.


Shipping: Shipped by first class mail in the continental U.S. for free. Overseas shipping at U.S. Postal Service rates will be added to your total.


Refunds: The demos give you a very good idea of the program, how it works, how it looks, and usage of the program. Because of this, there are no refunds after purchase of the full program.

Privacy Statement: We do not use, sell, or give away any contact or billing information about anyone. Period. (Personal philosophy. Don't get me started!) Popup   Privacy

Warranty: With purchase of a copy of Clinical Record Keeperâ„¢ comes a license to install and use this software on your computer. You may backup files with a backup computer. You may not duplicate this program. This software is protected by Federal copyright law. This software is provided as is. While every effort has been made to make sure this software works well, and as advertised, Clinical Record Keeperâ„¢, Charles M. Stewart, Blueberry Harbor Software, Inc and Nextword are not responsible for your use of the software, or untoward events that take place as a result of your installation and/or use of the software.


It is unfortunate we have to put this disclaimer here. We take our software design and implementation seriously but in today's litigious society we must protect ourselves.


Clinical Record Keeper™
All rights reserved. Copyright 2008 Charles M. Stewart